LVN joins GamerLegion Academy as Coach

With professional competitive CS2 matches on the horizon, GamerLegion has revealed a new academy project aimed at scouting fresh talent from the grassroots levels. Heading this promising initiative is none other than Oscar “LVN” Levin, a well-known figure in the British Counter-Strike Scene.

GamerLegion’s decision to initiate the Academy project is well-timed, given the recent release of CS2, [and follows on from the Major finalists announcing a female team, GamerLegion Prism.] With the community eagerly awaiting the professional matches, LVN’s leadership in this venture is set to be a focal point of interest and discussion

This announcement follows LVN’s recent departure from 7AM, an organization that had been his home for over a year. The team was able to put respectable performances on board in regional tournaments, their highlight being a second-place finish at EPIC.LAN 39. LVN has been actively involved in the British scene for the past few years, achieving multiple playoff finishes in local and European tournaments. However, it’s worth noting that his individual performance hasn’t been at its peak. This new position marks his first foray into a coaching role, a big change from his usual in-game leadership duties. 

GamerLegion is no stranger to recruiting British talent, exemplified by their main team, which clinched second place at the Paris Major, guided by Ashley “ash” Battye, who also hails from Britain. After the Major, they also sought after Sebastian “volt” Maloș from Into The Breach. Although not much is known about the team’s composition yet, the organization has chosen to pursue a direct recruitment approach, with everyone being eligible to apply for a chance to join the team. LVN also seems to have a significant role in this process, and it appears that the initial selection of applications has already commenced.

The organization have committed many of their resources to Counter-Strike following their Major success, even announcing earlier they would move resources from its League of Legends division to support GamerLegion Prism. It’s uncertain if GamerLegion will follow in the footsteps of other organizations that have established successful academy teams, but this development is undeniably a significant boost for the British esports scene and Counter-Strike in general.

Meet our Academy Coach @lvnCSGO!

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— GamerLegion (@GamerLegion) October 4, 2023