Into the Breach announce first female Pipeline Player

Jodie “Jodiee” Billington has been announced as the second Into the Breach Pipeline player, joining James “bevve” Slinn.

A month after the first player was announced, ITB will add their second player, and first female player to the Pipeline. Jodiee hasn’t competed much in her CS career, but heading into CS2 she is looking to compete in ESL Impact. With the support from ITB, her name will hold a lot more stock going into next season.

From UKCSGO’s previous interview with bevve, he noted that the Pipeline players will be going to bootcamps with the main team. This was already upheld with both bevve and Jodiee travelling to Kinguin Esports Performance Center in Poland with the main team and shadowing them for the week. Especially for a player like Jodiee who is largely inexperienced, this exposure to top-level CS is only going to benefit her immensely.

ITB founder on the Pipeline Academy: “We’ll be targeting talented VALORANT players to entice them back to Counter-Strike”

UKCSGO reached out to ITB Co-Founder Sam “SlayTheMinotaur” Macedonio about why they selected Jodiee:

In a fraction of the time it takes normally, Jodie has grinded to a high ELO and developed a professional maturity rare within the scene. She’s focused, a worker, and with the skill to back it while intent on reaching high peaks. No-brainer to help her develop this innate talent. She will go far.

In the UK scene, there is a lack of representation in ESL Impact. The only player currently playing in the league is Mia “aiM” Cooper, and apart from Jodiee there is no other clear prospect. However, with ITB coming in and picking up Jodiee, this could be the start for support for the wider scene.

UKCSGO also reached out to Jodie about how it feels to join the ITB Pipeline and what her prospects are for the future ESL Impact Seasons:

To have the opportunity to be a part of the ITB Pipeline means the world to me, it’s like a dream come true. My experience at boot camp was a pinch-me moment. To be in the same room with established pros was very surreal. I’m hoping this will help me dive into the Impact scene to make connections, and friendships to find a team with those within the Impact community.

Welcoming the newest addition of the ITB Talent Pipeline: @JodieeCS. @JodieeCS has rapidly climbed rank in a short period of time and has demonstrated all the qualities needed to make it as a pro.


— ITB SHUFFLE (@ITBesports) October 19, 2023