UKCSGO Official rankings are here!

Over the last couple of years we have become more than familiar with Mischief and his amazingly detailed spreadsheet to work out the rankings of UK teams, mixes and players. Well as of today that spreadsheet is getting a facelift and a new home –

The new face of the UKCS Rankings

Over the last couple of months we have been working closely with Mischief and Shoobie to produce the UKCSGO rankings which. takes the data from the spreadsheet and displays it in a friendlier and easier to navigate way. Behind the scenes it still works exactly the same way with results from online and offline officials going through some complex maths equations to produce a ranking completely reliant on stats, with no manual intervention.

Over the coming weeks we will be populating the player database with information and photos we have taken. If you wish to submit your own photo then there is a form for doing so on the Rankings website. We will only be able to use either royalty free images, or images that you, the submitter, own the rights to (for instance HLTV pictures will not be usable).

We will also be starting a regular features to highlight the biggest movers and shakers in the UK scene, along with any shocking drops and surprise entries

This project is in the early stages of release and we have a roadmap of features we’d like to add moving forward. As a place for UK gaming members to showcase their various talents, we welcome any aspiring with the skills or passion to join the project and help to continue its growth, or even suggest their own features they’d like to see. If you’re interested, get in touch!