Shaman Esports disband

Shaman Esports, who are most notable for their Rocket League endeavours, made their entrance into the CS2 scene on October 23 this year with the acquisition of a Joe “godkU” Fowkes’ led squad, previously known as The Lizards. The investment saw them through to the end of their ESEA Season 47 campaign, in which they boasted a record of 5-3 by the midpoint in November. Unfortunately their 6-6 record by the end of the season was not enough for them to reach play-offs, which presumably lead to the team’s disbandment on the turn of the month.

That’s the season done for us at @ShamanEsports missing out on playoffs. Sadly we’re gonna be disbanding, so I just wanna thank all my team mates this season I had a lot of fun playing with everyone <3@DagThePimple @tsutskam @Fredaycs @FREELOOKcs @_klyrO_ @Rutk0Boi

— godkU (@godkUcs) December 1, 2023

godkU further stated that this would his ‘last proper attempt with a team at trying to make advanced‘, although reassured  UK CS fans that he would return next year in a UK-oriented team. godkU alongside teammates Dagmar “DagThePimple” Vens and Karl-Hendrik “tsutskam” Palu, who played under The Lizards banner last season, may relish in the fact that a marginal improvement was made to their record of 5-7 during ESEA Season 46. Still a far cry from their closest endeavour the season prior, with a record of 9-5.

DagThePimple and tsutskam remained as the two longest standing members of the Shaman Esports roster alongside godkU, after Lucas “Freday” Edh and FREELOOK departed just a few weeks after the team’s announcement. Unfortunately the firepower of their replacements Gert “klyrO” Truupõld, who became the second Estonian in the squad, and Slovakian, Rudolf “Rutk0” Kovalčik, was not enough to produce the results they desired. Assuming round difference favoured them at the time, two more wins would have been enough to see them into playoffs, which would have given them a chance at reaching the elusive Advanced stage.

Shaman Esport’s now disbanded roster was:

Joe “godkU” Fowkes
Karl-Hendrik “tsutskam” Palu
Gert “klyrO” Truupõld
Rudolf “Rutk0” Kovalčik
Dagmar “DagThePimple” Vens