EXO team explore options as org experience sponsorship difficulties

Having qualified for playoffs finishing 5th in UKIC season 2  and going on to win in the Grand Final versus the former K10 team, EXO appeared to be in a promising position with a strong core to build success upon. However, in a recent tweet, James “bevve” Slinn revealed that his CS2 team is now exploring options as EXO is facing sponsorship difficulties. 

Previously under the banner as The Neighbours (William “dobbo” Dobson, bevve and Adam “adam9130″ Ahmad) dominated with first place finishes at multiple EPIC.LANS, UKIC League and a United21 win. EXO hoped to build upon their success by signing them alongside Shiran “shushan” Shushan and Marco “MMS” Salomone, previously at NOM and Raptors EC respectively. This combination of UK talent alongside a proven player such as shushan had brought high hopes for the fans of EXO. 

Now left out on the street, the team is hoping to find a home elsewhere. 

This development highlights the persistent challenges within the UK CS community, where financial stability remains a significant hurdle. Sponsorship issues, like those faced by EXO, continue to impact the viability and growth of competitive gaming in the region. As EXO seeks new partnerships, the outcome will be closely watched by fans and other teams facing similar struggles.

In response to the recent turmoil and a tweet by Dafydd Gwynn, respected UK CS figures debated about how we can solve the riddle of UK CS. A key point raised by Peter Thompson (Endpoint COO), was the fact that UK CS teams are bound by rules and regulations about the type of sponsors they can accept. 

UKCSGO reached out to EXO and at the time of publication has yet to receive a response. The roster will now look for offers as a team.

We are currently exploring options to join a new organization, issues surrounding a sponsor have made @EXOClan unsure if they are able to keep supporting the CS2 Division going forward.

If any organization is interested please contact me via DM, RT’s are appreciated

— bevve (@bevvexyz) June 20, 2024

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