EPIC.LAN 41 in Photos

Counter-Strike returned to Kettering for the first time in 2024 for EPIC.LAN41. You can now relive all the shouting and general antics with the photos captured by UKCSGO’s Freddie “GrimyRannarr” Pritchard.

The Neighbours triumphed in an epic Grand Finals versus K10. The latter had been on the EPIC.LAN stage last October but went home empty-handed… unfortunately for them, they will have to wait another day till they lift a trophy in Kettering. However, let’s take a trip back down memory lane, looking at the highlights and lowlights, the screaming and the shouting, and smooya standing up mid-map during the Grand Finals.

The first LAN of the year did not disappoint.

K10 Taz helping his players setup on Thursday

All smiles for Royals’ newest Rifler joeyyy on Day 1

An unexpected power outage on Day 1 forced players to think outside the box.

Xeth can scream as loud as he wants but will still end up in Inters

ex-UKCSGO writer Meffew popping heads for Tyreece Simpson

CYPHER questioning his teammates

JackB on the other end of the table trying to explain himself

The Binmen came out in their large as usual with oTYL3R being as animated as ever

Ghil didn’t come to mess around with his fierce entries

But every king has to face setbacks sometimes

WeeLes celebrating as BTEC NEDs qualified for playoffs after starting the day 2-4

Magic our resident American returns to Kettering soaring to top 6

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Karrar rejoicing after Coalesce beat Rum Bumpers in the Lower Bracket Semi-Final

Shaman Esports might not have won the main tournament, but godKU gave it large as they won Inters

Unfortunately, it is not all smiles for PALM1 as Raptors EC bomb out 9th-12th

Thumbs up from AdamJC as The Last Resort breeze past Reason Gaming

Reason Gaming is back in Kettering for the first time since 2017 and spirits are not dampened

Team TradeIt featuring KennyS and RpK for the showmatch

Team EPIC.LAN having a team talk before the showmatch

Spirits high for The Neighbours as they enter the Grand Finals feeling “fresh”

Mental warfare between smooya and Tree60 was carried out across the Grand Finals

Tree60 attempting to get inside smooya’s head… but forgets to defuse the bomb

Smooya stands up to double-check what has just happened

Just won EPIC.LAN – cba

Check out the full gallery below:

EPIC.LAN 41 Gallery

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