Edeninho: “We can win the whole thing mate”

In a tense Group C matchup, Ross Kemp Bald did the unthinkable and edged out The Bald, The Gothic and The Squid Nose, beating them in overtime 16-14. TBTG&TSN have a few notable names, namely Travis “L1NK” Mendoza and Dom “soulcas” Sulcas, who have both played VALORANT professionally, meaning this is a huge upset. Ross Kemp Bald are unbeaten in their first three games, placing them second in the group as it stands. UKCSGO spoke to Alex “Edeninho” Holder about the win, and how far he thinks his team can go.

Congratulations on your win, talk me through it a little bit!

It was really high energy, lots of shouting, classic UK LAN noise. We got pretty lucky cause we had Jonezy on the XM, he got 36 kills and absolutely destroyed everyone. Maybe a bit of a mixture, but mostly the XM. He’s a master of that gun, so we really cracked into the CS2 new game kind of vibe, new meta.

With the level of the competition on the other team, obviously you have some pro VALORANT players. Did you go into the game believing you could win?

We went into the game thinking that they obviously have played an FPS so it is similar, and we knew that soulcas DMs on CS quite a lot. We knew we could upset them, but we weren’t going into it thinking “Oh yeah we’re gonna win this easy, they’re no contest”. We knew there was a chance and they were very crisp with the Deagle and stuff like that so it was a challenge, but we were confident.

Can you see yourself getting out of groups?

After that result against those guys, we can definitely get out the group, obviously the big challenge is LVN & Co and Invictum, so Sorex and Heartles and the other guys. They’re gonna be hard games. If there’s gonna be a shock in any of the groups, it could be us against those guys, there’s potential for a freak result there. Teams should be scared to play us, we’re unknown.

If you can keep up this level of form that has helped you stay unbeaten, where do you think you can place?

Oh, we can win the whole thing mate. Easily. See you on the stage on Sunday.

See you on the stage on Sunday.

If you guys get out of the groups into the playoffs, what would you say is the team you would like to play against the most?

Obviously we’d love to play the Binmen. They’re sat right behind us and they’re all good friends of ours. K10 would be funny, you know, they’re good but there’d be lots of shouting in a game like that. That would be competition wise not the best game, but entertainment wise 100%.

Finally, anything you’d like to add?

Yes. #AlwaysBalding.