Belfast Storm return to Counter-Strike

Northern Irish esports organisation Belfast Storm returns to CS by signing the Halal5 roster. The team is set to debut on the 16th of July in ESEA Main, marking 4 years since they last competed also fielding a UK based roster.

Captained by Connor “Finui” Finucane, the roster recently made the playoffs of Division 1 in the second season of the UKIC league, falling in a close 2-1 affair to Raptors EC. They finished the group stage with three matches won to six matches lost, tying that record with five other teams and making it through on tiebreaker rules. The squad also retained their ESEA Main spot following their 91st placement with a 7-7 record in ESEA Season 49.

The roster also consists of the likes of Joe “DEXIE” Demmon, the team’s AWPer, who sported a comfortable 1.13 Mischief rating during the season across both UKIC and ESEA. Notably this rating improves to a 1.22 when you take only UKIC into consideration, demonstrating greater capabilities against fellow Brits, this is something Belfast Storm will be counting on as they set their sights on a high placing at the upcoming EPIC42.

Speaking to Alex “Frosty” Foster about joining the organisation he had this to say:

I think joining the org comes at a perfect time since LAN is a few weeks away and we showed some good results against some of the best UK teams.

When asked about his expectations and hopes for the roster he said:

We have the expectations of getting a good LAN placement and getting Main and Division 1 playoffs, which are things we didn’t think were possible when the team were formed.

Belfast Storm are:

Luke “Nem” mear
Joe “DEXIE” Demmon
Kuba “kas” capala
Connor “Finui” Finucane
Alex “Frosty” Foster

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