The BINMEN and Granny’s Knockers joins forces for Breast Cancer UK

Here in the UK we know how to have a laugh and our Counter-Strike scene is no different – case and point; Granny Knockers and the BINMEN. Both communities remind us that UK LANs are here to be enjoyed alongside the heated competition, and both organisations have used their platforms to raise a great amount of money for charity. Now the two giants of UK CS have come together to raise money for Breast Cancer UK, a disease and charity that’s impacted multiple members taking part, by competing in a showmatch at EPIC40 later this month.

The new kid on the block, the BINMEN, have recently made a name for themselves within the UKCS scene and have been in attendance at recent EPIC.LAN and Insomnia events. Not only have they built a thriving community, but also an entity that raises a great amount of money for charity.

Granny Knockers have been around for a while longer and are headed up by caster Joshua “Emenjay” Martin. Whilst also a meme team, they have also sported rosters that have made headway in UK events such as ESL Premiership Autumn 2022: Promotion. As a fund raising organisation they have always focused their efforts on raising money for Breast Cancer UK, thus their name, and continue to do so this event.

The two communities have been closely associated and in communication for the last 14 months to organise this charity match, but it comes with a twist. To help drum up extra donations for the overall fundraisers, in addition to prizes and giveaways to participants and patrons, there will be multiple challenges and tasks during the match. More about these challenges and how to donate will be released soon.

Ryan “RyRy” Chapman, co-founder of Granny’s Knockers, provided a press release to UKCSGO, stating:

We’re excited to finally get the online rivalry into the server. Playing on the mighty Kettering stage is any esports player’s dream and we’re excited to live that dream in front of a roaring sell-out crowd in a historic venue. It’s great to mark the return of EPIC.LAN to Kettering with a match for the ages, and destroy these impersonators and copyright infringing bin frauds. In all seriousness, we mustn’t forget the real cause and importance of raising money for a worthy charity and helping to battle against a disease that’s personally affected so many of us.

UKCSGO reached out to Ryan “Retr00” Bernard, the co-founder of the BINMEN, about the upcoming matchup:

We’re happy to be going to another LAN raising money for Breast Cancer UK, and I can’t wait to smash the GK guys on the stage and finally humble them for thinking they are the better organisation, and prove I’m the better Ryan. Honestly though, I couldn’t thank EPIC.LAN enough for giving us the stage and resources for making this a lot more official than the past, and giving us an opportunity to play in an amazing environment and giving us a platform to promote something we’ve prided ourselves in for a year now. The community has been amazing in supporting us with this also, I couldn’t be happier with how this has turned out.

The teams will take to the EPIC.LAN stage on Saturday 28th October at 3pm GMT.

BINMEN vs @GrannysKnockers, @EPICLAN showmatch on stage.

Saturday 28th October
15:00 BST
@EU_ReTr00, @CS2Blaze, @oTYL3R, @PeNguiN5CS, @DwegCSGO.

We’re doing this to raise money for @BreastCancer_UK, all weekend long.#COYB #fuckcancer

— The BINMEN (@BINMENcsgo) October 9, 2023